Booster Club
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Thanks to all the hard work of many people and the strong support of our membership, overall support for athletics has improved tremendously as fans have stood strong with all our Eagles and Lady Eagles teams.

If you are now a member of the Booster Club, thank you.  If you are not a member please consider joining us.  Your commitment helps provide support to the young men and women who lace it up to represent Jackson Christian.

The Booster Club Board has continued to work closely with the administration to focus on athletic department financials.  A comprehensive budgeting system adopted by Booster Club ties directly to each sport’s normal budget while giving coaches flexibility to use their annual Booster Club monies at their own discretion.  Money is allocated for every sport based on participation, other funding sources, and overall expenses.  This allows each coach to know exactly what money is available to them when planning their expenditures.  We also allocate a specific amount of money to the athletic department for state tournament travel which eliminates the need to search for money at the last minute to fund those trips.  In addition, Booster Club has added the band program and basketball cheerleaders to our funding budget on a permanent basis.


We hope you will join us as a member of the Booster Club.  Click here for 2022 Booster Club Membership Levels .


2022-23 Board Members:

Shane Cisco – President
Kristi Riddle
Shannon Guthrie
Jason Smith
Don Baines
Adam Brower