Spiritual Life
Jackson Christian academic crest

Jackson Christian allows each student the opportunity to grow spiritually in an environment that nurtures Biblical wisdom and core values such as integrity, service, and excellence.


Students attend chapel where they are uplifted in a devotional period of singing and prayer.  Split chapel is popular among our students.  During these times, girls and boys meet separately giving more students the opportunity to take a leadership role.  Every student participates in a Bible class each semester. Chapel and Bible classes are an integral part of student development at Jackson Christian.


From preschoolers collecting food for the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center and elementary students raising money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, to our middle and high school students helping with Special Olympics, our students are given numerous opportunities to serve others.


It is our prayer that we can lead each student down a Godly path instilling Christian service along the way.



Director of Spiritual Life:
Luke Guard