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The Academic Resource Program equips Jackson Christian to serve the individual needs of our students. The program includes Quest, Soar, Access Levels and Harmony.


We realize that every child has been uniquely designed emotionally, socially and cognitively by God. We want to embrace their uniqueness, find their strengths and help them reach their full potential. The Academic Career Resource Program allows us to meet a broader spectrum of academic needs.


Director of Academic Support:
Mamie Converse


The Academic Resource Center


The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides secondary students with tools to help them reach their academic goals at Jackson Christian and beyond. We offer learning labs and peer-tutoring throughout the day. In addition, we offer access to a variety of books and reference materials which students can find on-campus or online.


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Academic Resource Center:
Whitney Young

Quest Tutoring
Soar Gifted
Access Levels Academic Support
ABLE Post-Graduate Special Needs