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At Jackson Christian Elementary, a traditional approach to teaching is used with a strong emphasis on reading, math, and language.


Through daily Bible classes, chapel and the examples of teachers, high ethical and moral standards are reinforced and spiritual guidance is provided. Believing that home and school working together can best serve the child, the elementary teachers and administration maintain close communication with parents. The high percentage of parents actively involved in school activities produces a close-knit family atmosphere.


Jackson Christian offers an orderly, yet flexible
atmosphere, where behavior is important and teachers reinforce the positive. If you want your child to be safe, happy, prepared academically, and challenged, make an investment in their education. Check out Jackson Christian Elementary!



Jeanna Rice 2023

Director of Elementary:
Jeanna Rice




All kindergarten through 5th grade students are exposed to computers, art, music,  foreign language, and physical education. A librarian interacts with each class, adding another dimension to their development.


At Jackson Christian Elementary our constant focus is on our mission to provide a quality values-oriented education in a Christian environment. Jackson Christian exists to serve. With that service, we support the values of truth and righteousness that you want demonstrated before your children–the same values you teach them at home.


Daily spiritual activities build our students into individuals who are aware of God’s presence and direction in their lives. We teach the benefits of prayer and a genuine love for our fellow man. Students stay busy doing service projects, including things like singing at nursing homes, collecting food for dialysis patients, raising money for St. Jude, collecting house shoes for children at LeBonheur, and writing letters of encouragement to those who are sick. Our parents generously volunteer their time to help with these special service-oriented projects.


Besides our focus on academics and spiritual growth, elementary students are involved in activities that build character. Many of our students enjoy participating in the P.A.L. League and Jackson Parks and Recreation Soccer Leagues, and a large number of our parents are involved in coaching. First and Second graders can participate in the “Little Eagles,” a basketball performance team.





Tennessee STEM School Designation


May 8, 2018 – Jackson Christian Elementary was awarded the Tennessee STEM School Designation. This honor was developed with the guidance of the Tennessee Department of Education and the STEM Leadership Council to identify and recognize schools in their commitment to teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and integrating strategies that ultimately prepare for success in the 21st century. Learning from the state’s early investments in STEM platform schools, such schools focus on employing inquiry, project and problem- based learning, community engagement, entrepreneurship, student-centered classrooms, and STEM enrichment activities.


The Tennessee STEM School Designation was developed to provide a “roadmap” for schools to successfully implement a STEM education plan at the local level. The Tennessee Department of Education and Tennessee STEM Innovation Network developed tools and resources to define the attributes of a comprehensive STEM learning environment for students. Schools that receives the Tennessee STEM School Designation are recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education for their use of STEM teaching and learning strategies and serve as a model from which other schools may visit and learn. All K–12 schools serving students in Tennessee are eligible.


Each school that was awarded the Tennessee STEM School Designation was evaluated through a rigorous application process. Schools were asked to complete a self-evaluation, participate in interviews, and host site visits with the Tennessee STEM Designation review team. The designation rubric included five focus areas: infrastructure, curriculum and instruction, professional development, achievement, and community and post-secondary partnerships. As a part of the process, schools were required to submit a plan of action for implementing and sustaining STEM education for the next five years. From this process, a total of 15 schools received the Tennessee STEM School Designation.