Day of Giving
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Our fourth annual Day of Giving will be Tuesday, March 5. We are humbled and immensely grateful to God and to you for moving our school forward, for improving the student experience, and for making Christian education accessible.

Want to help? Here’s how:

1. Make a gift to one or more projects.
2. Spread the news about this opportunity with family and friends.
3. Share why you love being part of the Jackson Christian Family.


Please contact Blake Beckham at with any questions.



ELV Indoor Play Equipment

Playing is an essential part of childhood that contributes to healthy physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and intellectual development. While outdoor play certainly has its advantages, indoor play also offers several benefits for children of all ages. Indoor play enhances physical development, boost cognitive development and provides social interaction.


Mary Ramey, Director of Early Learning Village


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Elementary Robotics

Vex Robotic kits provide students with invaluable hands-on experience, teaching them crucial skills in engineering, programming, and problem-solving. After five years of extensive use, our kits need to be replaced. Please consider helping us as we prepare our students for educational and career opportunities in the 21st century.

In 2018, the Elementary became the first private school in TN to be accredited as a STEM school. We integrate STREAM studies (R for religion, and A for arts) into our curriculum at each elementary level.

Elementary students are involved in numerous activities each week that engage students in science, technology, engineering, and math in creative and engaging ways. One of these activities is our Robotics time each Wednesday for 4th and 5th grade students.


Jeanna Rice, Director of Elementary


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Secondary Curriculum

As we continually strive to support our dedicated teachers and achieve our school’s mission to lead students to love God by providing a quality, values-oriented education in a Christian environment, we are excited to share with you a few updates related to our science, social studies, and Bible curriculums. 


This year we have purchased a much-needed 4-12th grade science curriculum that includes student workbooks, online resources, teacher materials, and lab equipment. This comprehensive curriculum will better equip our teachers to provide effective instruction and hands-on experiences to students. These resources align with our goal to foster a deep and enduring understanding of scientific concepts and principles through the lens of a Christian worldview. 


In addition to the science curriculum, we have purchased textbooks, workbooks, and online resources for our 6-7th grade social studies curriculum. The 6-7th grade content includes the studies of early civilizations through the Roman Empire–a time frame perfectly intertwined with Old Testament history, allowing us the opportunity to reinforce how God’s plan has played out through all of humanity. We are excited for these additional resources to support our social studies instruction.


Kendall Naceanceno, Director of Academics K-12


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Weight Room Upgrades

The Family Fund is such a blessing on our campus at Jackson Christian. It has allowed our athletic programs’ continuous growth each year. With the help of the Family Fund, we have added multiple curved treadmills to our field house. These will allow us to do sprint work with all of our athletes year-round. Thank you to all who have donated to help our athletes strive each day to be the best version of themselves.


Darby Palmer, Athletic Director


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Campus Security

One of the greatest additions to Jackson Christian School this school year was the hiring of Captain Dexter Bowles as Director of Security With an infectious smile and a firm handshake, Captain Bowles has been a welcomed sight on our campus. On a daily basis, he works with all aspects of campus helping keep us safe and secure. To help Captain Bowles cover campus efficiently and be able to respond to emergencies quickly, we have recently secured a security vehicle for him. On this day of giving, we would appreciate you considering giving to help offset the cost of the security vehicle and other costs as we strive to continually improve the safety and security of our campus.


Dr. Billy M. Lones, President




In the wake of numerous school shootings across our country, the state of Tennessee has proposed that all schools have an officer on campus. I was fortunate and blessed to retire after 35 years of law enforcement and also blessed to join the family of JC as director of security. I think having an officer in our schools gives the students and their parents a sense of safety and security. I believe having an officer can help to identify and control who comes in. I also think a patrol car on campus especially a campus this size, it’s easier to get from one point to the next if there’s emergency. The mere look of a patrol car and presence alone is more official to have on campus. It’s good for the perpetrator to second guess themselves if they come on campus and see a patrol car. Not only knowing what the car on campus represents, it’s the meaning of the purpose for it. I thank Dr. Lones and Jackson Christian for putting the safety of the campus first. My main goal is the safety and security of this campus, all the students, faculty and staff.


Captain Dexter Bowles, Director of Security


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