Student Spotlight: Bobby Perry
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Jackson Christian Student Designs Accessory for Mask Comfort


When asked by his aunt, who is a nurse, to design an accessory to make facial masks more comfortable, Jackson Christian sophomore Bobby Perry knew just what to do.


Equipped with his own 3D printer and a knack for technology, Bobby produced several plastic clips that attach to the elastic bands on masks. The accessory eliminates the need to wear the bands behind the ears and relieves a person of the discomfort from all day wear and prevents blisters.


Bobby has a few years of experience using a 3D printer.

“I’ve printed lots of things, from the simple, like phone stands, to a cheap prosthetic hand,” Bobby said. “I like to do pretty much anything that involves computers in my free time.”


He believes 3D printers can aid in serving those less fortunate. “I think (3D printing) can help people receive things they can’t afford like prosthetic hands for kids that can grow with them so they don’t have to pay so much money for them every few months as they outgrow them,” Bobby said.


Jackson Christian wishes to thank Bobby Perry for using his talents in the service of our community!