Jackson Christian and TCA Blood Drive
Jackson Christian academic crest

Jackson Christian is partnering with Trinity Christian Academy in a blood drive beginning on Monday, October 12, and ending on Wednesday, October 21. Students, faculty, family, and friends are invited to participate in giving blood at the Lifeline Blood Center on Sterling Farms Drive between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm. Our goal at JCS is to help save lives by donating AT LEAST 50 units of blood. When you arrive at the blood center, please ask the staff to sign-in on the JCS sign-in sheet. The total number of donations collected will be announced at the football game on Friday, October 23.


Because of the issues associated with on-campus donations this year, all donations will be completed at the Lifeline Blood Services location on Sterling Farms Drive.


I want to share a change to the rules governing blood donations that will affect the donations of females ages 17 & 18, therefore resulting in changes in the RED CORD PROGRAM.


"LifeLine Blood Services will implement a new protocol concerning Iron Mitigation Deferrals for females 17 & 18 years of age. Due to recommendations made by the American Association of Blood Banking (AABB), females that are 17 & 18 years of age will be limited to donating whole blood (RBCs) to once every six months."


For us, this means that young ladies wishing to earn the red honor cord that is worn at graduation should plan to donate blood in October. This would make them eligible again in April to complete their third successful donation. A minimum of three successful donations, between the time they turn 17 and graduation, are necessary in order to earn the red honor cord from Lifeline Blood Services.


This change in policy does not affect young men, who are still required to successfully donate 3 units of whole blood between the time they turn 17 and graduation in order to earn the red cord.