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Lunch Plan


Junior Kindergarten – 5th grade students


Basic meal: $4.50

  • Hot plate lunch consisting of an entree, vegetables, with either fruit and/or bread
  • Drink: Bottled water, white milk, or chocolate milk



Ham or turkey sandwich, chips, fruit, and drink: $4.50

Extra entree when available (Example – pizza slice, hot dog):  $1.50

Additional roll:  $.50

Extra fruit or vegetable when available: $1.00

Dessert when offered: $.50

For students who bring lunch from home, milk or water are available for purchase for $.50.



6th-12th grade students:

There are 3 options daily for the middle/high school lunch:

  • Hot plate lunch consisting of an entree, vegetables, with either fruit and/or bread – $4.50.
  • Salad bar – $3.00. Option to add grilled chicken breast strips – $1.75.
  • Ham or turkey sandwich on sub roll – $3.00.
  • Extra entree – $1.50 – $2.50
  • Vegetable/Fruit – $1.00
  • Chips/Cookie/Dessert – $1.00
  • Extra roll – $.50


Drink offerings daily: $1.00 – Sweet tea, lemonade or milk.


RenWeb Cafeteria Management


Parents login to RenWeb regularly to manage their student’s information. You are also able to manage the family lunch account using the same login. No registration is necessary to begin using this feature. Just login to RenWeb and click on the FACTS tab. In the Prepay Accounts section click on “add funds”. Next you will enter the amount to add on the line designated for lunch. The payment will add funds to your family account; all students in the family share the family account. Students go through the lunch line, select their food and then simply scan their finger. The system immediately identifies the student and pulls up their student account, so the purchase can be deducted from the family balance.



You can use your bank routing and account information to debit your checking or savings account directly with no additional fee. The system accepts all major credit and debit cards when adding money to your account; however, there is a 2.75% processing fee. While we encourage all parents to utilize the online payment method, you may also take a check or cash to the Business Office to have it applied to your family lunch balance, or students may use cash in the lunch line if necessary.



Weekly e-mails are sent letting families know when the balance has reached an amount owed. Payment is requested at this time by clicking the link to add funds. Accounts owing $50 or more will be requested to bring lunches until payment is rendered.

Fingerprint Scanning

By utilizing fingerprint scanners, students are able to go through the lunch line quicker and have more time to eat.


The fingerprint system is built around a biometrics component that is utilized in conjunction with RenWeb. Unlike biometric identification systems for law enforcement, this system is quite different. It is important to understand that the design of this particular biometrics system, absolutely and unequivocally, does not allow for the analysis of unique physiological characteristics by government entities or any other system.


For example, when a person is enrolled in the fingerprint recognition system, the software extracts the person’s unique identification data (minutiae) and stores this information in the form of a proprietary identity template. An actual copy of the fingerprint image itself is NOT stored. The system then uses the identity template to recognize that person on an ongoing basis. The identity template is simply a data file, a series of zeros and ones that cannot be used to reconstruct the actual fingerprint image. Without a copy of the image itself, no one can perform analysis or comparison of the fingerprint. These ones and zeros only link to your child’s student record number within RenWeb and never leave campus. In addition, the template itself is fully encrypted as is the database it is stored in, and access to the server on which it resides is restricted and secured.


In effect, your child is identified in the same way that a keychain barcode recognizes you at your fitness center. The advantage of this system, however, is that your child won’t have to remember a password or carry an identification card or cash with them every day for lunch.


The protection of your child’s personal information is very important to us. You can rest assured that we will in no way expose your child’s personal identification information to unauthorized parties.


If you decide to opt out of using this secure fingerprint system, then please complete this form.