COVID-19 Information
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Update: 10/10/2021


The mask mandate for Junior-K through 12th grade will remain for another two weeks as we assess the infection rate after the return from the break.



Update: 9/10/2021


After reviewing the number of COVID cases at Jackson Christian as well as those from the community, it appears that we are seeing a slight decline or at least stabilization in the number of positive cases at JCS with continual increasing numbers of hospitalizations and cases in the community. Therefore, based upon the recommendation of the committee of healthcare providers appointed by the Jackson Christian Board of Trustees, we will continue our current masking policy for Junior-K through 12th grade and will reevaluate in two weeks.



Update: 8/28/2021


In light of increasing cases of COVID-19, new variants, and increasing hospitalizations in Madison County and specifically on our JCS campus, the Board of Trustees appointed a committee of healthcare providers to make ongoing recommendations to the Board pertaining to Jackson Christian’s policies regarding COVID-19. Based on the recommendation from that committee, the Board has approved the following updated policy regarding masks on campus.


Junior-K through 12th grade will be required to wear masks in hallways and other indoor areas unless socially distanced. Students may remove masks when seated in the classroom if socially distanced. This policy does not apply to outdoor areas or when actively eating. The Executive Order issued by Governor Lee does not apply to private schools. Accordingly, the only exceptions to this policy are for medical reasons with written documentation from a medical provider.


This updated policy will go into effect on Monday, August 30, 2021. The committee will reevaluate this policy in two weeks and will make a further recommendation at that time based on the then-current situation in our community.


We know that some will be critical of this decision. However, we have seen firsthand that in-person learning is superior to virtual learning; and we are deeply concerned with the health and well-being of our JCS students, faculty, staff, and all of their families. With those two goals at the forefront, we will utilize any reasonable method at our disposal to possibly mitigate the negative impact of this current COVID-19 surge on our school community. Please know that we will carefully and prayerfully make every effort to make the wisest decision with the information that we have before us at the time.


Thank you for partnering with us in our efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and as we strive to protect our students and our families. The Jackson Christian Board of Trustees is committed to safeguarding our school, students, and faculty.


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Update: 8/15/21
Update: 8/10/21